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of marin county. james. >> thank you erica. >> san francisco police are investigating the death of a man who was found in an elevator shaft at the montgomery bart station. it happened last night around 930. police responded to a called a person stuck in an elevator at the bart station. authorities managed to get that man out when they discovered another body in the shaft. it is unclear how the man got into the elevator shaft or how long he had been there. police foubelieve he could have been sleeping on top of the elevator when he was closed. we will have a live report coming of the 430. >> a shooting has oakland police turning to the public for help. the parties are working on tracking down the suspect shot and killed a san francisco man early yesterday morning. kron fours scott rates walked us through what happened. >> i am told the shooting have been a block away from the oakland police department. at the intersection of ninth and clay. it started at around 3:00 in the morning when officers responded for a call of a shot fired. when they arrived they found the man that had been shot m
liquid check of the weather with erica. >> good morning anny . at conditions in downtown san francisco. >> temperatures not to bad. we're not near the freezing mark. fairfield upper '40's the same for concord. 51 in oakland. 45 in daly city. >> future cast 4 tracking temperatures throughout the day. mainly fifties from the heart of the bay by lunchtime. 12:00 we are talking 60s in line. >> we will see a decrease in the cloud cover. sunshine into the afternoon. afternoon highs holding on to fifties. '60s will start to fill in. by 8:00 p.m. tonight. cold with temperatures back into the '40's. >> taking a look at afternoon highs. upper 50s and lows 60s in the south bay. mountain view's 60. 61 and thou tell. it did not for sunbelt. santa clara 61 in san jose. >> partly cloudy in the east bay mid-60's possible for fairfield couple 50s in san leandro. >> downtown san francisco 54. >> 58 expected and if navato >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast highlights major changes. we will see an increase in cloud cover heading into tuesday. a small cold front dropping from the pacific northwes
downtown san francisco. visibility compromised conditions around santa rosa, two and a half miles there. 7 mi. napa, sixth half moon bay, the rest of the bay area is not dealing with low ground fog. look forward to great, overcast skies once the sun comes up. also into the afternoon he will see a mix of clouds and sunshine. temperatures ranging from the upper 50's, low 60s south bay cupertino. 60 mountain view, 59 santa clara. east bay you will see mid-60s and possibly for fairfield, 58 vallejo, at downtown san francisco low to mid '50's, 53 napa, 58 san rafael. satellite and radar shows quiet weather over the bay area and we do have changes to talk about with a strong cold front. it will impact the bay area. what is the timing of the system? of future cast four walks you through it. this is set up for tomorrow around midday. dry for most of us, initial rain. it will continue to march his way south, by 6:00 p.m. yellow dominating most of the bay area indicating moderate to heavy rain. light rain for the real north bay, south bay. scattered showers on the back and that can last until wednes
for pleasanton. upper 60s for richmond and san leandro. >> downtown san francisco upper 60s. >> upper 50s for ocean beach. >> seventies for the north bay 76 expected and out. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast is showing we will continue to fill the gradual cooling. expecting a nice weekend. low seventies for saturday in upper 60s and sunday. >> into your work with a chance of rain by mid-week. james. >> thank you janu . >> a quick update on traffic. a good trip on the bay bridge toll plaza. >> no delays mckenna went to san francisco. >> highway 92 the san mateo bridge traffic moving well no problems reported by the chp. the right-hand side your commute direction for haywood out of the city. >> the golden gate bridge and easy ride out of marin county. no problems of southbound 101 for santa rosa into san francisco. >> the only problem we're seeing is the same color as an issue on interstate 580. a car fire was reported there. 3 right lanes on eastbound 580 closed was the air with boulevard. that is near livermore. eastbound is not your typical commute direction obviously with th
in concord. 68 in san francisco. satellite and radar picture shows dry conditions now. we do have low patchy fog. keep that in mind. storm track i did well to our north. big changes to talk about. a weak system could bring light rain to our area. as we transition into the weekend. it is looking like a slim possibility for spots north of the golden gate bridge. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast highlights cooler weather, cloudy conditions, as we head into saturday and sunday. we will continue with the cooling trend as we start the next work weeks. >> the changes to talk about possibly some rain tuesday, wednesday, perhaps thursday as well. >> keep your umbrella handy. we're talking a quarter of a inch to a half inch of rain. >> more details coming up in my next report. >> mean time quiet in the traffic center. >> the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza going well. >> traffic moving well from of the approach is tops speeds up the incline and across the upper deck. >> higsouthbound 101 the golden gate bridge there is fog. we have areas of dense fog. >> drive with extra caution. all
but other than that the drive time is not impacted. 24 minutes out of san francisco. >> we are following developing news out of the east bay this morning. fire crews in berkeley are on scene of a fire at a restaurant. it's located at the "chez panisse" restaurant on the 15-hundred block of shattuck avenue. no word yet on how the questioned on what exactly led up to the shooting. the suspect still on the loose. new information in the lion attack. that left a 24- year old woman dead. at an exotic animal park sanctuary in fresno. officials say, an intern named dianna hanson was cleaning a lion's cage while talking on her cell phone when she was killed. this is video of the lion's cage where she was attacked by this 550- pound african lion named "cous- cous." officials say, the lion was able to use its paw to lift a partially closed door and escape the smaller cage he was in. the coroner says, she was killed by a paw swipe that broke her neck. the lion was killed on site. burglars have ripped off a charitable organization in concord. breaking into the agency's warehouse in martinez
will show mid to upper 50s and lows '60s. pleasanton 62. 58 for san francisco 59 in san mateo. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast highlights unsettled weather for the next couple of days. we are back into the sunshine it will feel like springtime once again as we transition into the weekend. >> more details on the extended forecast coming up in my next report. >> meantime taking it to the traffic desk. we are observing overnight construction at the toll plaza. the lanes are called off and the chp crews are sitting there. >>--coned off >> at the san mateo bridge no problems. the drive 12-13 minutes. >> south bound 101, the golden gate bridge problem free for those of you commuting of the north bay. james. >> thank you erica. onto our top story three people behind bars after a stolen 82 ft. luxury yacht ran aroua ground in pacifica. we first reported this story to you in a live report yesterday morning. the yacht ran aground in london mar beach. police said the owner called in to reported stolen after seeing news coverage on tv. >> authorities around the got after the three people o
and now the search is on for a gunmen in san francisco. police say, that two people were in the white car on the screen, when a suspect opened fired hitting the 30 year-old male passenger, in downtown san francisco near bryant street. the driver was not hit, and drove off looking for a hospital. the eventually the driver stopped at market and davis shutting down traffic the passenger was taken to the hospital would like spring injuries. the driver is being questioned about what exactly led to the shooting, the suspect is still on the loose. >> new this morning, san francisco police are searching for two suspects who robbed a house then fled across the bay bridge. authority say that two male suspects forced their way into a home in the 2100 block of 23rd street in san francisco's potrero hill neighborhood. robbers then pass what the victim, took an iphone and ipad then fled from the residents. police were able to track the suspect on the bay bridge before they lost sight of the vehicle. anyone with information on robbers is asked to contact the san francisco police to permit. >> time is up
for downtown san francisco. it looks like we will be dry for most of today. we will continue to see an increase in cloud cover. rain however, will arrive shortly after the evening commute home. >> instead of futurecast 4 for the 6:00 hour. we have moisture sitting offshore. rain north of san rafeal approaching highway 37. >> it by 9:00 p.m. the green indicating three could see light rain. >> we could see breaks for the overnight hours. 2:00 a.m. clear for the livermore valley the delta, down in san jose. >> rain will continue as a wake-up 6:00 wednesday morning. >> taking a look at temperatures currently 52 in fairfield concord. >> 51 in richmond. >> 46 in daly city. >> taking a look at afternoon highs plenteous '60s. remember we could see some sunshine and perhaps mid-60's in san jose. >> downtown san francisco however, coming in at 60 degrees 64 your eye in vallejo. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows wet weather sticks around until midday wednesday. past the high-pressure back in control. we are talking sunshine a low seventies. >> we will continue to monitor the forecast. in
seeing some 70's dominating this area. in places like san francisco. as we put this into motion gradually 70's. and the orange is indicating where we could see 60s. by 8:00 p.m. tonight, we are back into the fifties with cloudy conditions. the afternoon highs specifically in your neighborhood. fairfield, 66. the satellite and radar showing most of the showers have moved out of the area. as for go for the weekend we to have changes to talk about. with wet weather returning to the folk forecast. again isolated showers and it looks like we will continue to see showers on easter morning harley cloudy conditions you could still need your umbrella on monday. that batch of wet weather continues for next thursday. also we're taking a look fog that dense fog advisory has been hit by east and also to 11 minutes to cross the bridge to the golden gate. no issues to report. the drive time from hercules is 11 minutes the same for the north bay problem-free through the north bay. we continue to monitor this from the tropics center. >> thank janu. >> police are offering a 25- thousand - dollar reward. in
. >> developing new is out of san francisco police say a seven hour standoff has ende we have a crew on the way to the scene will bring you an update as soon as it becomes available. >> also police say a seven hour standoff has ended after police arrested a robbery suspect who had barricaded himself inside marijuana growing side in san francisco. officers say for hostages for inside the building had been released earlier. the tactical team with a police dog arrested the man was around following the standoff at the building in the city's bayview district. police quickly set up three block perimeter and treated the situation as though they were hostages. a swat team and negotiators were called. >> 46 a 46 year-old man faces murder and other charges in connection with the slaying of three men during a botched marijuana deal last month . monthcappello of colorado was charged with being a shooter in a special circumstances murder case that could bring the death penalty if he is convicted. he is suspected of killing three men back in february fit inside a home near forestville . this is video of the
was coming out. the chp manage to push it to the san francisco side. it is currently on city streets. it is having no impact on your bay bridge ride. >> looking at the toll plaza all is well. no metering lights. >> the san mateo bridge nice and easy the time 12-13 minutes. >> south bound 101, the golden gate bridge a couple of cars on the span. i have been checking with the chp no accidents to report. >> i will talk more aware of drive times in just a bit. james. >> thank you erica onto a new story. police in alameda investigating an overnight stabbing. reports of a bar fight at scobes bar. >> they found a man stabbed in the neck. the victim is at the hospital being treated for life-threatening injuries. it is unclear if anyone has been arrested. kron 4 has crews on the way we will have live updates from the scene shortly. >> and other area news vallejo police are investigating a deadly shooting. please respond to shots fired in vallejo just after 5 last night. when they arrived at the scene they discovered an elderly man dead inside of a building with apparent gunshot wounds. the vi
of today's hearing, thousands of people marched and rally in san francisco. the march started at castro and market streets at about 6:30 p.m. last night. activists said that they're optimistic that altman ruling of the supreme court will go in their favor. especially now that a new poll finds that the majority of americans are supporting same-sex marriage. >> i feel that this momentum is happening across the country. in support of ella jean bt residents and many bay area cities and elsewhere, the rainbow flag is expected to be on for today and tomorrow at the city halls of san leandro, berkeley, oakland, hayward, alameda and san francisco. here is a look at what will be happening at the hearing today. >> first, the backers of proposition that will get 30 minutes to argue for the ban on same-sex marriage. then the opponents of proposition a, which will be the attorneys for the couples that filed the original challenge, will get with the minister argued that the ban is unconstitutional. the final 10 minutes are reserved for the u.s. solicitor general who will argue against proposition 8 o
for the north bay around san francisco and from some of our east bay interior valleys. >> san francisco getting a little bit of rain around the twin peaks area moving closer to patrol hill. >> looking as the peninsula are ready of the western end of the san mateo and dumbarton bridges. the bayshore freeway interstate 280, menlo park for eastoeastern alto. >> light rain reported for portions of concord, martinez. for those of you using a the benicia bridge like porches in san jose. >> we will continue to monitor your rank. on futurecast 4:06 a.m. light showers. spotty in nature nothing to organized. thistle continue to drop the day. you need to keep your umbrellas handy around lunchtime. >> 3:00 p.m. rain in the north bay. showers will continue to wednesday evening and thursday as well due to the instability with the system. small hail, a pop up thunderstorms, and lightning along the coastline is a possibility. >> that is what is on tap for tomorrow. temperatures not bad. 49 and vallejo. 51 for san francisco. taking a look at wednesday you have heard howling drop the morning. 17 per mile an hour
into san francisco. >> the san mateo bridge the glossy roadway. >> the drive times 11-12 minutes. >> the golden gate bridge looking good 23 minutes out of novato into the city. >> erica let's go live out to israel where president obama has just arrived. he just took a moment to deliver remarks to the crowd that showed up to welcome him. this is his first trip to israel as president. there is a lot to talk about with the ongoing situation there in the middle east between israel and palestinians. we will have to see what happens at this historic meeting as it is under way. we will follow the president's movements throughout the day and update you on what is going on. >> back here in the bay area we began our news this morning with developing story i san jose police looking for a gunman who they say shot a man in an apparent drive-by shooting. >> here is the place we're talking about. the address is 1720 hopkins and drive. that is a middle school area. let me push in and show you the area we're talking about. this again a middle school nestled in a community. police said the victim
but no major delays from it. into san francisco. the san mateo bridge looking for a good. out towards foster city. and the golden gate, no problems to report as for public transportation? we could see some delays on the muni t line. because of a four- alarm fire we could have delays because of the debt. >> delays because of that -- fire. --thank you, erica. >> on to our top story this morning. the golden gate bridge has *officially gone automatic. as of midnight, the last toll taker has left the toll plaza and the last car to pay a toll. drove through the gates. kron four's jackie sissel joins us live from the golden gate bridge with an update. jackie? >> good morning, anny. we will see how everything will work out with no stopping! there are no toll takers. i can tell you are around 20- 30 minutes ago and i saw one cargo through. the car did stop. and locked. they have been putting up electronic signs and black tape/paper over the glass sections of the toll collection booths. if you have not signed up? do not worry, they will already have your license plate number and send you something in
marriage, thousands of people marched and rallied in san francisco last night. the march started at castro and market streets at about 6:30 and made its way to city hall. activists says they're optimistic that the ultimate ruling of the supreme court will go in their favor. especially now that a new poll finds that the majority of americans support same sex marriage. >> every day i get more and more optimistic. i feel that if there is a momentum across the country and it would be stupid if there ruled against the marriage. >> in support of l-g-b-t residents in many bay area cities and elsewhere, the rainbow flag is expected to be unfurled today and tomorrow at the city halls of san leandro, berkeley, oakland, hayward, alameda and san francisco. >> here's a look at what will happening at the hearing today. first, the backers of proposition 8. will get 30 minutes to argue for the ban on same- sex marriage. then the opponents of prop 8, which will be the attorneys for the couples that filed the original challenge, will get 20 - minutes to argue that the ban is unconstitutional. the final 10 m
. >> temperatures not to bad waking up to '40's and 50's. 50 in oakland. upper '40's in downtown san francisco. we also seen an uptick in the wind's mainly along the coastline 50 mi. an hour sustained wind for half moon bay. 10 m.p.h. in redwood city. >> when this will continue to increase into tomorrow. due to the northerly winds we're talking crystal clear conditions by tomorrow afternoon. although the wind's will an increase will fall short of of eyes and levels. temperatures will be more than what they were yesterday's. >> future cast 4 highlights 12 clock our fifties for most of the bay. >> temperatures on the cooler side. we could see lows '60s. >> this is for the delta and some of our north bay bellies. >> setting the clock a motion yellow on the screen low seventies could be possible. pretty close. by 8:00 p.m. it will cool down with 10 pitchers mainly in the '50s. >> your afternoon high statistics dispirit temperatures will be warmer than yesterday's. >> we will see sunshine around sunrise. we will not see as much cloud cover as yesterday's. >> livermore 64. lows '60s for downtown san fra
and for the san francisco bay shoreline. this will expire at 8:00 a.m. and fog tracker 4 shows that by 6:00 p.m. we will still be contending with fog. we are talking about clear skies and sunshine for letter on today. we may break records as well. cupertino will be coming in at 71 degrees. the temperatures are between six and 11 degrees warmer than the seasonal average. vallejo is checking in at 71 degrees. upper 60s for downtown san francisco in mid-70s for napa. alameda will have a high of 68 degrees and 72 for santa rosa. >> satellite and radar shows that we are still drive. kron47 day around the bay highlights the changes are to come and it will be a decrease in the temperatures for tuesday through thursday. wet weather for most of the bay area. the time is 6:17 a.m.. >> so far there are no hot spots and that is good news. we do have fog and the metering lights have been activated at the bay bridge for westbound direction. the san mateo bridge has all all so and there are very much in evidence from the camera shot. there are no delays on the span there in an 11 minute drive time. the gold
this morning following an overnight shooting in san francisco's alamo square neighborhood. it happened around 12:30 p.m. this morning. the victim was transported to a local hospital and the extent of their injuries is not known at this time. >> in san mateo county people driving through the brand new tunnels along devil's slide today will likely season lane closures. this morning between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. caltran says that crews will be doing additional lane stripping to approve the drive safe it. >> the federal government accountability office is getting good grades to the california high speed rail authority is a business plan. the real party says it the biggest hurdle remains money and a funding gap of $39 billion is likely to be filled. where officials plan to start work on the for stretch of the track this summer. >> changing gears to wall street. traders are celebrating a another milestone this morning as the s&p 500 close at a record high yesterday. if the s&p rose six points to close at 1569 beating the market setback in october 2007. the dow rose to 52 points to
this morning. two pedestrians were hit by a utility truck in san francisco. it happened just after 10:00 p.m. last night at of the snc and west portal. authority say that both the man and woman were seriously injured. . the hospital this morning. investigators think that dense fog may be to blame. they are currently no charges being filed against the driver. >> and vallejo, a police standoff ends with officers opening fire and killing the suspect. if this is video that you only see on kron 4. it was all caught on camera by a neighbor. you concede the swat team using an armored vehicle to move in on the house. police said that the men have been pointingeighbors earlier in the day. it was when he broke a window and pointed a shotgun at least the officers responded with deadly force. when they finally into the long, police found a shotgun next to the man, but will not confirmed yet if he died by police fire or from a self- inflicted wound. >> san mateo school officials at aragon high school. are stepping up security this morning after an anonymous threat was posted on facebook. it is describe
are anticipating the changes in the weather department. it will feel more lik >> traffic headed into san francisco is getting busy, not backed up but more cars approaching the toll plaza. if you fasttrack, you will save some time. nothing on the bridge to slow you down when to get through the toll plaza. slow getting up to the pay gates if you are getusing cash. the back of westbound 580 it continues back up. when she gets a 680 dublin and a change, it is a good ride out of dublin and to castro valley. >> of body was found in the montgomery streets bart station. will tran is live on the scene with the latest. >> the body was found at the montgomery bart station right behind me. the good news is that you will not have any problems at the station. it is not shut down. here's video from the scene, around 9:40 p.m. last night investigators are still wondering how the person managed to get on top of the elevator. i just got up there myself and it is nearly impossible. they are scratching their heads. when a man got in the elevator, he hit a button to go up and on the way up he heard a crash. the crunch
of cloud cover stretching from the richmond district to san francisco toward half moon bay. >> satellite and radar shows a ridge of high pressure control. areas of local dense fog. >> it will start to break apart slightly over the next couple of days. temperatures will moderate out. it would not be as warm but above the seasonal average. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast tsshows shows see whether no great insight and the next several days. >> taking it to the traffic center. keeping a close eye on the developing hot spot. a fatal accident involving two cars northbound 101 at the marin, sonoma county line. south of it. it is not blocking any traffic lanes. a lot of activity on the right-hand shoulder. you will encounter this on your ride either into or out of petaluma. it could be a visual distractions. it is not impacting your ride. the chp has no estimated time of when the lanes will reopen. at live crew is currently on the scene. we will have more information my next report. >> taking it to the traffic cameras. a live look at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. the la
. >> developing story out of san francisco where police are on the scene of an attempted robbery involving a medical marijuana club. now, a standoff is under way between officers and one of the suspects. kron4 will tran joins us live. >> this is the third time that we have been told that we had to move. it is escalating more and there are more officers are arriving. the officers do have their guns drawn. they are focusing two blocks from this location. there peeping around the corner standing next to cars and right now we know that to suspects have been arrested trying to rob a marijuana facility. one suspect is still outstanding and that is why they're out here. everytime we think we can get a live shot they tell us that we have to move. i have seen officers walked in and out of several buildings. i will let you know what is going on and that we will try to get more information once it is available. >> western are you want? >> and we are on the ginnie and under what. this is an industrial area. instead of winding down it is becoming bigger better, and bigger. for now even though i see
with information is asked to contact the oakland police department. >> san francisco glen park bart station is reopened. it initially shut down for two hours after a person was hit by a train and killed. this is video from our partnership with abc seven news. the person was struck around 4 yesterday afternoon. the victim died at the scene just a few minutes later. authorities are investigating why the person was on the northbound track to begin with. >> milpitas police arrest a man in connection with a bank robbery earlier this month. 32 year-old hunter thompson is suspected of robbing a chase bank in north milpitas boulevard on march night. police say thompson allegedly walked into the bank with a gun and handed a bank teller a note demanding money. the teller handed over cast after the suspect fled. ththompson was located in arrested and emeryville on tuesday. police say thompson also may be responsible for bank robbers in san francisco, redwood city and palo alto. >> napa police are investigating whether a man who died after being found engulfed in flames on a pedestrian overpass was the
the bay area. >> looking at your afternoon highs. downtown san francisco 65 degrees. 70 for fairfield. upper 60s for antioch and pleasanton. satellite and radar shows all is quiet and of the bay area not contending with any wet weather. >> high-pressure is back in control. warming will continue into the weekend. we have changes to talk about starting the next work weeks. >> we will see more aware of cloud cover wednesday into thursday we are looking at a 30 percent chance of rain. >> big changes to talk about. spring showers back of the forecast. at 4:02 let u just the morning ride with njanu . >> early tracking a hot spot in the traffic center southbound 280 on laughlin. 2 lanes are blocked. emergency crews are on the scene. we will continue to track that. taking a look at the bay bridge is we will start with the bay bridge. traffic is light at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. >> send a tail light as rel. and 11 minutes drive time. >> as well. no incidents at the golden gate bridge. >> looking at the rest of the maps going back you could see the east bay ride is looking lik
danville, 73 san leandro, downtown san francisco upper 60s, low 70's in berkeley. we will see a lot of fog cleon's a coastline into the afternoon hours. daly city high as 64. 7 day around the bay forecast shows a gradual cool down, lies whether and to a mergers above average. it will feel like springtime and into the weekend, we have changes to talk about. perhaps as sour as we head into tuesday evening. 6:17 a.m. and here is robin. >> hotspot on highway 10 what is the tied to the scene that has the ability of since the 2:00 hour. this is northbound 1 01 at the marin county line. a fatal accident past the right lane where a pickup truck went off the road. crews shut down the right lane for the investigation very day we opened the right leg about 10 minutes ago. all lanes are open on the northbound 1 01 at the county line. in the opposite direction, southbound the new direction is starting to back up now. the stopping of xvi and getting through the accident scene. there is some labor activity on the shoulder but they are out of the right lane. this all is live in the morning is the commute
developing news out of san francisco were fire crews are on the scene of a four alarm fire in the bayview district. kron4 mike pelton joins us live. >> you can see some of the damage that is left behind. it grew to four homes. it burned out this building. let me show you video from earlier this morning. the fire began just before 1:00 a.m.. 129 fire fighters responded. they sprayed water from their trucks and from our roofs of surrounding buildings. everyone inside made it out safely. about two dozen people are displaced this morning. in just a short time i had a chance to speak to one other residents. >> we have just got into bed and we had just turned off the tv and we heard a noise. it sounded like it was three bombs and we thought someone was shot outside. this is not the first time we have heard noises like this. my husband ran into the bedroom and he told me that we had to leave. he told me that there is a fire next door. >> in addition to checking the hot spots the fire crews are keeping their eyes on this building to the right of your screen. they stated that this building is read
but on one side of the street. >> in the bay view section of san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> and other head lines to and have been arrested in san francisco. the man on the left, wajaquain young is behind bars for suspicious of sex trafficking. police say he tried to recruit underage girls and was trying to meet up with one victim on monday. the man on the ride jeoma ogbagwa who was in the area was arrested for outstanding fefelony warrant. we will be right back with more of the kron 4 morning news. >>4:14 on the clock. let us find out how warm it would be. good morning erica. >> good morning james. we will be warmer in the bay area i do not think we will see in the '80s in the forecast. >> san francisco downtown patrol hill came in at 76. that is quite the spread in those numbers. some of us were in the '70s. you were only in the midsmid-50s in ocean beach. >> copper 78. morgan hill mid-80s. >> we have areas of local dense fog. santa rosa to and half miles. 3 tenths of a miles of committing along the coastline. what will happen is the fall of the cup. it will be patchy a
but still very warm. a fantastic day for everyone. san francisco came in at 69. 72 in napa. low seventies in sonoma. 74 in livermore. we will continue with the warming trend. we are off to a warm start. waking up to 52 in oakland. 46 and pleasanton. taking a look at your afternoon highs we could go up a couple of degrees. fremont 71. 72 in milpitas. plenty of seventies in the east bay as well. >> upper 60s possibly for castro valley. danville led 77. 73 in fairfield. 72 in evallejo. >> upper seventies in napa. >> 69 upper 50s in daly city. >> we have mainly clear skies and areas of local dense fog. >> the national weather service is keeping an eye on it they may issue a dense, fog advisers. allow yourself extra time. >> we will wake up to local, dense fog tomorrow. sunshine and possible '80s into the afternoon. >> wednesday expected to be the warmest day. nice weather continues into thursday and friday. slightly cooler heading into the weekend. a dry forecast. we were talking about a 10 percent chance of rain is looks like the chance has diminished. >> in the traffic center a good ride. n
are growing up in one san francisco neighborhood as officials warned residents that conditions could get worse following a water main break nearly a week ago. >> the world's largest lights culture will be unveiled here in the bay area, it is happening tonight. >> watching the big snowstorm of the year hitting chicago today, details on the storm and travel delays ahead. >> to get a quick update on the forecast with erica. >> we are contending with some clouds. temperatures are canticle compared to 24 hours ago. 48 right now and oakland. bigger changes and our effort in store for later on tonight. all the rain on the screen will eventually impact the bay area. i will work you through the timing coming up and my next report. >> light traffic for most of the bay area, heavier than that for the ride on interstate 580. on u.s. highway on state highway 4 in both directions. the of my past as a typical slowing this morning. south bay freeways still look great, no delays or 1 01 or along the peninsula. the north bay ride still looks good from the bowels of the golden gate bridge. >> nearly a week after
. there will be plenty of 70's to go around in the east bay. downtown san francisco will be headed a high of 67 degrees. it will be 77 degrees for napa up. it will be partly cloudy skies for ocean beach and daly city. >> satellite and radar shows that some areas will have pockets of a fault. offshore breezes is what is bringing the fog in. it looks like all the wets weather will states and our north. tomorrow, is expected to be the warmest day of the week. kron47 day around the bay highlights clear skies for the weekend. it may be cooler but not a rain drop in sight for the next seven days. >> what a difference 20 minutes make. this is your backup the bay bridge toll plaza. we do not have any hot spots or accidents. the lights are on for those of you coming from the amendment. if you are coming from 580 if this startit is stao back up. the drive time is from 8 to 10 minutes. you should definitely consider 92 across the san mateo bridge. they are holding at 14 minute drive time in both directions. if you are traveling across the golden gate bridge is foggy but smooth. there are no problems on 1 01 north
that thomson also may be responsible for other bank robbers in san francisco, redwood city and paul toll. >> napa police are investigating whether a man who died after being found in got in flames on a pedestrian overpass was the victim of a homicide or committed suicide. motorists on highway 29 contact the accord is just before 4:00 a.m. tuesday morning to report a man on fire. when rescue crews arrived quickly put out the flames. the man was pronounced dead at the scene. investigators say that they have not identify the man or determined his age or his ethnicity. >> new this morning, south africa says that nelson mandela has been admitted to a hospital with a lung infection. the office of president says of the 94 year-old former president an anti-apartheid leader when to the hospital just before midnight on wednesday. this is the third time the former president has been hospitalized in the past four months. >> overnight, as south african judge says that oscar pistorius cannot leave africa to compete in races, with conditions. lawyers of pistorius of killed again some of the olympic ath
to tow the boat back to the land. >> a concert that the schedule for today at the san francisco symphony has been cancelled. so have shows throughout the weekend. reason is, that a walkout by the musicians. they were picketing and hav, and have been without a contract since the end of november. they said that despite being the third highest a symphony musicians in the country, with a median salary of zero hundred and $60,000, they still fall an average of $7,500 behind. and colleagues in chicago and los angeles. >> we are deeply disappointed that they have chosen to strike. >> santa anita management says that it believes that the proposals are fair, given the recent economic decline. they will make a decision about the weekend concert soon. if the musicians remain on strike, a four concert tour to new york and washington d.c. next week will also have to be canceled. >> coming up on kron 4 news. we will talk to rob black about wall street. >> mming reminder. coming about the the kron 4 morning news is dr. phil. this morning, and he talks to the ex wives of pro ball for a john daly and nba
to the board with a proposal for permanent changes to bike policy. in august, commuters in san francisco, san jose and up and down the peninsula won't need to own bikes to pedal to many destinations. they will be able to borrow and return hundreds of bicycles at dozens of kiosks. the bay air quality management district is rolling out a seven-million- dollar test program in august to loan bikes to residentatured 700 bikes at 70 different stations. exact prices haven't been named yet but you can expect to see prices in the range of five dollars for 24- hours, 12-dollars for three days, and around 85-dollars for an annual pass. >> we will see how that works out. . ♪ for your first day? yeah. ♪ dad: you'll be fine, ok? girl: ok. dad: you look so pretty. ♪ i'm overprotective. that's why i got a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her
. >> police have arrested a man who is suspected of killing a 77 year rose san francisco newspaper vendor in january. mark cassell is in custody this morning. police said that he had wrapped his arms around the victim's waist, pick him up in the air and dropped him before running away. the victim later died from his injuries. >> new this morning. pope france officially begins his ministry and an installation of mass this morning in st. peter's square. we brought the insulation to you live on 24/7 channel earlier this morning. the pope took a long or round about to say peter's square, getting out of his jeep to bless a disabled man. civil protection crews closed the main streets heading to the square to traffic and set a better case for nearly a mile along the route to try to control the masses and to allow official delegations through. some 1 million people were expected to attend today's ceremony. >> a new poll is shedding light on how american catholics feel about pope francis and catholic doctrine. the c n n o r c international survey found that 84 percent of american catholics approve
their expense of the license to strong arm robberies. san francisco police have released his videos showing how victim was targeted on a muni bus. a man and a white shirt grabs a woman's fall and then takes off running off the bus. the woman action has to get her phone back but police say people need to be smarter about their smart phones. >> when they see a smart phone, you are basically holding cash in your hand. treat it like it is cash. you would not yet put your cash out for everyone else to see so put it away see don't become the next victim. >> police say you need to be aware of your surroundings before you take out your phone. if you can't, wait until you're in a safe place to use it. >> speaking of funds, samsung fire is the latest shot in a smart of wars with a midas much hype rollout of its galaxy asked for. the latest version of the already popular android on as a new number of new features as the company steps up its rivalry with apple's iphone. the as 4 g 85 n screen into a body slightly smaller than the past three. it also has an upgraded processor and a battery it that's 20 perc
will cluinclude some sunshine -- with 40's and 50's for the bay area. 60s in concord, san francisco your kron 4 7 day around the bay has and possibly a few sprinkles. >> taking a look at the box office numbers from the weekend. the caveman comedy "the croods" takes the numer one spot earning an estimated 44-point-seven million dollars. in the number two spot, ""oylmpus has fallen" starring gerard butler. earning an estimated 30- point-five million dollars in it's opening weekend. in it's opening weekend. an [ female announcer ] the one for all. mcdonald's dollar menu, home of the meaty, melty mcdouble you love... ♪ ...and other amazing tastes, for just a dollar each. ♪ like the bold hot n spicy mcchicken, and the new grilled onion cheddar burger topped with caramelized onions and melted white cheddar. everyday, as always, there's a lot to love for a little on mcdonald's dollar menu. >> welcome back. top stories we are following on this monday morning. jackie has been following this on changes on the bay bridge. >> yes just prea these were the will have all electronic tolls. with no more s
. >> san francisco police investigating at least two stabbings overnight leading to people in serious condition. we are live it one of the scenes this morning. >> and the rall will the rally continue on wall street with the dow jones industrial averaged sitting at an all- time record high for the second day in a row? >> most of the bay area is dry. you'll notice it is much cooler compared to 24 hours ago. into the afternoon, the threat exists for some showers. possibly some thunderstorms along the coastline. into the evening, light rain continues even as far as as tracy. satellite and radar at the show's low pressure will run parallel to the coast line. that will increase our chance for showers into the afternoon and evening hours. former weather as we head into tomorrow, temperatures definitely climbing as we transition into the weekend. full details on your extended forecast coming up in my next report. at 6 01, here's traffic with george. >> interstate 80 westbound is not yet a hot spot the potential exists. there may be several vehicles involved in this crash on the lower east sho
convicted an essay elaborate condominium fraud case in san francisco has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. 48 year-old jay sah convicted of taking control of a woman's three luxury condos, taking out loans against the properties, and laundering the money through shell companies. shah is ordered to pay a $14.1 million fine, nearly triple the amount taken in the scheme. >> we will be right back. >> welcome back. the time now is 6:44 a.m.. here is a quick look at some of the top stories the we are following. firefighters are still battling a 2 alarm fire that spread to three homes on bateau island in contra costa county. this happened around 2:30 a.m.. crews say that they are having a hard time to contain the fire due to active power lines in the area, there are also no fire hydrants. >> here is it looked at san jose a you may need sure windshield wipers. >> the show our chances will continue to decrease. you concede that there is more sure off shore. the chance for rain is isolated and will continue until the early evening hours. we still macy's sunshine for the afternoon. storm
bay interior. this is for danville and pittsburg pierrette mid 60's for downtown san francisco and 67 will be are high for oakland. there is high pressure in control and we will see a little bit of a warm-up as we head into the weekend. >> there are big changes in store for wednesday and thursday. if spring showers are back in the forecast. do not put your umbrellas away just yet. remember, you can always watch our weather forecast right on our 24/7 news channel comcast 193. >> demolition crews have started tearing down the old elevated portion of the doral drive right before the approach to the golden gate bridge. this has been close to the public since the new tunnel went in last year. crews are breaking up old asphalt, tearing out radar and removing the support still. the work began this week and will continue for several months. eventually new northbound lanes will be built and they should be finished by 2015. >> authorities are working to hand out reward money that was offered in the hunt for x an lapd cop christopher dorner. multiple parties have claimed afford to claimed that t
, after the high schooler today the san francisco is 61 degrees. upper 60s for napper concord fairfield, 68 antioch. satellite and radar shows cloud cover streaming into the bay area. we have areas of locally dense fog. sea breezes keeping temperatures on the cooler side as we head into the afternoon. it looks like tomorrow will be very similar to what we saw yesterday. as we head into wednesday, up we are talking a mix of sun and clouds. your extended forecast shows the potential for wet weather. a 20 to 30 percent chance. models are starting to back off, perhaps some light rain thursday into friday. into the weekend, we are talking possibly rainy conditions. i will have the full details and your 7 day around the bay forecast in my next report. 6:51 a.m. and here is george. >> have to do the little ree cheer as we check the ride for the bay bridge toll plaza. the westbound to me it looks pretty good even though it is backed up we have been incident free on the upper deck of the bay bridge. no incidents reported, the backup is reaching only to the 880 over crossing westbound. because of
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